About Us

Bulgarian’s winemaking tradition dates to ancient Thracian times. Fine wine has been enjoyed here by everyone from Roman writers and French crusaders to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who used to order barrels of the local red from Melnik. Distinct wine-growing regions exist from the Danube to the Black Sea to the Thracian Plain, and numerous wineries offer tastings that are usually complemented by meats, cheeses and memorable rustic views.

Wine Tasting Getaways is the first ever travel agency focused on promoting Bulgarian wine terroir. We connect the uniqueness of the wine with the new generation of travellers, creating memorable experiences at attractive prices. Our packages are tailor-made and often do not appear in the wineries’ official portfolio.

We have an extensive knowledge in travel based on our past experience in the UK. We specialise in wine tours and activities, which determines our advantage over other travel agencies in the country.

While other companies offer wine tasting activities amid a myriad of other holidays, Wine Tasting Getaways has one sole idea: creating and operating luxury tours, workshops and team building activities in magnificent wine cellars.



Care: Detail-oriented and customer focused, Wine Tasting Getaways is the ideal Bulgarian partner for wine lovers and adventurers.

Flexibility: We are flexible when working on any project or idea and adapt to different preferences and changes that may occur.

Creativity: We work with passion and imagination. Any wine or creative experience that we offer is a new way of discovering our destinations through their local culture and heritage.

Responsibility: We deal with all client enquiries efficiently and in a professional and timely manner.



To all of you, from all of us at Wine Tasting Getaways – Thank you and Happy booking!

Radoslava Borisova
Chief Executive Officer